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The NEW multi-tool to carry in tropical paradise!

COCOTAP makes the most naturally refreshing drink ever, totally accessible.  It eliminates the mess of opening coconuts with machetes, is simple, safe and now, easier to utilize nature's perfect packaging.



 As seen on ~ ABC TV's NEW Inventors Episode12, 2006 "Winner"

          ~Australia Network "NEXUS" English Learning Program

Coconut water contains an abundance of natural goodness including growth factors like cytokinins, which are nature's anti-ageing compounds. It has been traditionally consumed around the tropical world for rehydration, refreshment, as a sterile water source, to soothe infants, dissolve kidney stones, kill intestinal worms, facilitate removal of toxins from the blood, boost libido, for healthy skin and hair as well as a laboratory growing medium and an emergency blood plasma substitute. Now, also  recognized as high in antioxidants and useful in cholesterol control and ophthalmic relief. 

 Simply one of the greatest gifts of Nature. The Coconut has been called "the milk bottle on the doorstep of mankind" ...facilitating the spread of our civilizations from day one! 


COCOTAP's  other uses:  An 11th finger for tropical adventurers

It's a round knife and survival multi tool, it can also be used to de-husk a more mature coconut  , as a coconut harvesting gaff hook (when no climber, pole-saw or monkey), for opening shellfish, to pierce a tin can, to bait a crab pot, crack into a crab claw,  as a tent peg extractor,  Alan key extension, great to untie a knot, splice a rope, or cut fishing line, as a grappling hook, a leatherwork tool, for carving anything, weaving aid, digging gem stones, even playing slide guitar, the  possibilities are endless. Great on the beach, in a boat or in the jungle.

How do you say Coconut??? Please let me know your traditional Coconut uses, terms and favorite recipes....e-mail me here.

Arabic - Narjil
Chinese  Ye, Ye zi
Dutch - Kokonut, kokospalme
English-Coconut (palm and fruit)
Fijian - Niu
French - Klapper, Cocotier (palm) noix de coco
French Polynesia  Coco
(Tahitian) - Haere
German  Kokonus
Ghana  Kube, Kukue
India (Hindi)  Nariyal ~ Naarial
(Malayalam)  Thengu
(Telugu)  Kobbari, Tenkai
(Punjabi)- Narikela
(Urdu) - Nariyel
Indonesia  Kelapa, Muda (young nut) Tua (Mature nut)
(Javanese)  Kerambil 
Italian - Noce de coco
Japanese - Kokonatisu, Yasinomi
Kiribas  Te Ben
Latin - Cocos
Malaysian - Buah nyior, Kelapa
Marshall Islands - Ni
Nicobar islands - Pulo Niuor
Papua New Guinea - Niu, Kulau (immature nut)
Persian - Narzil-e-dariyai
Philippines - Niyog, Lubi
Polynesian  Niu
(Tuvaluan)- Pii, mukomuko, uto, motomoto, utani (successive stages)
Portuguese  Coqueiro (palm), Coco, Noz de coco
Russian - Kokosovurey oryekh
Seychellois  Coco, pye coco
Slovakia - Kokosovy orech
Solomon Islands- Te moimoto, ngohara, niu
Spanish  Cocotero (palm)
Swahili - Mnazi
Sri Lanka (Tamil) - Thengai 
(Singhalese) Thembili pol
Tanzanian  Mikocheni
Thailand  Ma prao
Vietnamese - Cay dua 

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